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MEC-0560 Design and thermal analysis of coated and uncoated exhaust manifold. Download
MEC-0559 Interlaboratory tests on polymer thermal analysis Download
MEC-0558 Thermal analysis of glassfiber reinforced polymer rebars Download
MEC-0557 An analysis of thermal autofrettage process with heat treatmen Download
MEC-0556 Quantification of iron in aluminium-silicon foundry alloys via thermal analysis Download
MEC-0555 Cast iron melting and solidification studies by advanced thermal analysis Download
MEC-0554 Three-Phase Linear Motor Heat Transfer Analysis Using the Finite-Element Method Download
MEC-0553 analysis of creep effects on the residual stress in scs-6ti-6al-4v composites using fem Download
MEC-0552 Thermal Interfaces by Higher-Order Polytope FEM Download
MEC-0551 Thermal and Ballistic Dynamic Analyses for Gun Ceramic Nozzles Download
MEC-0550 Thermo-Mechanical Model and Thermal Analysis of Hollow Cylinder Planetary Roller Screw Mechanism Download
MEC-0549 Thermalmechanical analysis of novel Ceramic-TSOP using nonlinear finite element method Download
MEC-0548 Electro-deposition of graphene nanoplatelets on CPU cooler—experimental and numerical investigation Download
MEC-0547 Development of solver system for FEM analysis of solder joints Download
MEC-0546 Response of composite plates with random material properties using FEM and Monte Carlo simulation Download
MEC-0545 Effect of ZnO-PCL Nanocomposite Thickness on Attenuation in a Rectangular Waveguide at Microwave Frequency using FEM Download
MEC-0544 Vibration Analysis of Multiple Delaminated Composite Beams Download
MEC-0543 Mechanical performance of Buckminster fullerene-reinforced composite with interface defects using finite element method through homogenization techniques Download
MEC-0542 A study on Employees attitude towards Fringe Benefits Download
MEC-0541 A study on the employees attitude towards stress management Download
MEC-0540 Thermoelastic Vibration Analysis of Laminated Doubly Curved Shallow Panels Using Non-Linear FEM Download
MEC-0539 Stress Intensity Factors around Two Coaxial Cylindrical Cracks in Composite Materials Download
MEC-0538 Visco-plastic analysis of adhesively bonded joints in composite materials Download
MEC-0537 Numerical and Analytical Approaches for Calculating the Effective Thermo- Mechanical Properties of Three-Phase Composites Download
MEC-0536 Homogenization of partial debond effect on the effective thermal conductivities of FRP composite using finite element analysis Download
MEC-0535 Vibration Analysis of a Rotating FGM Thermoelastic Axisymmetric Circular Disk Using FEM Download
MEC-0534 Free vibration analysis of Stiffened Laminated Plate using FEM Download
MEC-0533 FEM analysis on the deformation and failure of fiber reinforced metallic glass matrix composite Download
MEC-0532 Harmonic analysis of stiffened functionally graded plate using FEM Download
MEC-0531 Multiscale 3D mixed FEM analysis of historical masonry constructions Download
MEC-0530 Design of composite structures reinforced curvilinear fibres using FEM Download
MEC-0529 Analysis of microstructure damage in carbonepoxy composites using FEM Download
MEC-0528 Transient thermal conduction in rectangular fiber reinforced composite laminate Download
MEC-0527 Analysis of Stress Control on 33-kV Non-ceramic Insulators Using Finite-element Method Download
MEC-0526 Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Buckling of Rectangular Laminated Composite Plates with Circular Cut-Out Download
MEC-0525 Testing of mechanical properties of thick-walled carbon fiber composite for FEM simulations Download
MEC-0524 Multiscale composite FEM modelling Download
MEC-0523 Investigation on buckling response of the aircraft’s wing using finite-element method Download
MEC-0522 Thermal and static analysis on IC Engine Piston using FEA Download
MEC-0521 Design and analysis of cam shaft Download
MEC-0520 Thermal analysis of Al6063 &SiC with Various compositions Download
MEC-0519 Design and analysis of car bumper using ABS plastic and Polyether Amide Download
MEC-0518 Design and analysis of Piston by composites (Al & Mg) Download
MEC-0517 Evaluation of heat transfer rate and their effects in spherical pressure vessel Download
MEC-0516 Design and analysis of connecting rod using composites Al &SiC Download
MEC-0515 Design and comparative analysis of Engine Valve Download
MEC-0514 Analysis of Automobile Frame Download
MEC-0513 Design and analysis of two wheeler rim in composites Al and flyash Download
MEC-0512 Design and analysis of Helical gear Download
MEC-0511 Design and analysis of side plate of hydraulic press brake Download
MEC-0510 Design and analysis of multi section fin Download
MEC-0509 Design and analysis of Composite leaf spring Download
MEC-0508 Design and analysis of vehicle front axle Download


MEC-0507 3D modelingandanalysis of microgas turbine compressor blade Download
MEC-0506 3d thermalanalysis of liquid propellantrocket with bell nozzle Download
MEC-0505 Analysis of a thin andthick walled pressure vessel for different materials Download
MEC-0504 Analysis of adhesively bonded single lapriveted joint using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0503 Analysis of Cam shaft usingcomposite material Download
MEC-0502 Analysis of Composite material For Al-MagnesiumAnalysis Download
MEC-0501 Analysis ofconnectingrod using composite material. Download
MEC-0500 Analysis ofcrane hook with different cross section. Download
MEC-0499 Analysis of EddyCurrent Braking Download
MEC-0498 Analysis of Electricityproduction mechanicalsystem Download
MEC-0497 Analysis of ElectroMechanicalLadder Download
MEC-0496 Analysisof failure mechanism of 90?pipeelbowwith in-planeandout-of planeloading Download
MEC-0495 Analysis of FRP composite cylinders Download
MEC-0494 Analysis ofGraphite Rein Forced Aluminum Piston Download
MEC-0493 Analysis of helical coil compression spring for three wheeler automotive front suspension Download
MEC-0492 Analysis of Impeller using Aluminum Composite Download
MEC-0491 Analysis of manual bending condenser tube. Download
MEC-0490 Analysis ofNoise Reduction in Rotor Bladeby Using Composite Material Download
MEC-0489 Analysis of piston using AL-SIC-TiB2 Metal matrix composite Download
MEC-0488 Analysis of Roll Bending Of Half Ringof Gas Turbine Download
MEC-0487 Analysis of Spur Gear -Al-Si-Sic-Mg Download
MEC-0486 Analysis of triangularair compressor with common combustion chamber Download
MEC-0485 Analysis of windmill bladeby using composite material Download
MEC-0484 Comparative analysis of tractors trolley axle by using FEA(by considering change in materials existing shapeand size) Download
MEC-0483 Design & Analysis ofAuto Tilting Mechanism in CAR Download
MEC-0482 Design & Analysis of Coil Springwith different materials Download
MEC-0481 Design & analysis of composite gear wheel Download
MEC-0480 Design & Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring Download
MEC-0479 Design & Analysis of Connecting Rod using Aluminum silicon carbide Download
MEC-0478 Design & analysis of domestic windmill blades Download
MEC-0477 Design & Analysis of Hybrid Magnetic Bearing Download
MEC-0476 Design & analysis of mechanical locking system for fuelflap Download
MEC-0475 Design & Analysis of Piston by using Composite Materials Aluminum & magnesium Download
MEC-0474 Design&Analysis of Poppet valve using composite Download
MEC-0473 Design & Analysis of Quick Lifting Jack with Gear Arrangement Download
MEC-0472 Design & Analysis of Reverse Differential Locking System Download
MEC-0471 Design & Analysis of Screw Engine Download
MEC-0470 Design & Analysis of Special Purpose Lifting Equipment Download
MEC-0469 Design & Analysis of Splines Elimination of Starter Motor Shaft Download
MEC-0468 Design & Analysis of Stirling Engine Download
MEC-0467 Design & Analysis of Supercharging an Engine using Vehicle Suspension Download
MEC-0466 Design & Analysis of Support Platform for small formfactor PC in ruggedness testing environment Download
MEC-0465 Design & Analysis of Vacuum Assisted WallClimber Download
MEC-0464 Design Analysis of a Circular and Square Shaped Piston Head Download
MEC-0463 Design and analysis of a hydraulic die ejector fora powder metallurgy component Download
MEC-0462 Design and Analysis of a Pushrod Suspension System for a Formula Racing Car. Download
MEC-0461 Design and Analysis of Aluminum & Copper Connecting rod Download
MEC-0460 Design and analysis of automobile frame Download
MEC-0459 Design and analysis of cam shaft. Download
MEC-0458 Design and analysis of composite brake pedal: anergonomic approach Download
MEC-0457 Design and Analysis of Composite Helical Gear Download
MEC-0456 Design and analysis of composite over bridge coupling Download
MEC-0455 Design and Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Al-Sic Download
MEC-0454 Design and analysis of connecting rod using Aluminum alloy 7068 t6, t6511 Download
MEC-0453 Design and Analysis of connecting rod using different materials Download
MEC-0452 Design and analysis of crane hook assembly Download
MEC-0451 Design and analysis of disappearing car door Download
MEC-0450 Design and Analysis of Dumped Body Download
MEC-0449 Design and Analysis of Electromagnetic Engine Download
MEC-0448 Design and analysis of electromagnetic suspension system Download
MEC-0447 Design and analysis of helical spring with shockabsorber Download
MEC-0446 Design and analysis of I.Cengine piston and piston-ring using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0445 Design and Analysis of Industrial Pneumatic Trolley Download
MEC-0443 Design and Analysis of Jet Wind Turbine Blades Download
MEC-0442 Design and Analysis of Piston by Composite Materials Download
MEC-0441 Design and analysis of rocker arm using composite material Download
MEC-0440 Design and analysis of scissor jack Download
MEC-0439 Design and Analysis of Side Plate of Hydraulic Press Brake Using Software Download
MEC-0438 Design and Analysis of Sports Utility Vehicles Chassis and Its Passenger Cabin Cavity Download
MEC-0437 Design and Analysis of the Windmill bythe Composite Material Download
MEC-0436 Design and analysis of three axis hydraulic modern trailer Download
MEC-0435 Design and analysis of wind car Download
MEC-0434 Design and finite element analysis of scissor lift using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0433 Design and material optimization of leafspring using FEA Download
MEC-0432 Designand Optimizationof Scissor Jack Download
MEC-0431 Design and stress analysis of four-post rollover protective structure of agricultural wheeled tractor Download
MEC-0430 Design and Structural Analysis of Heavy Duty Vehicle Front Axle Download
MEC-0429 Design modification and justification of Propeller shaft using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0428 Design,Animation & Analysis of Agricultural Chipper Download
MEC-0427 Design,Animation & Analysis of Hybrid Air Engine Download
MEC-0426 Design,Animation & Analysis of Shredding, Chipping and Murching Download
MEC-0425 Design,Animation & Analysis of Suspension Steering System Download
MEC-0424 Design,modeling and analysis of a 3stage Epicyclicplanetary reduction gearun it of a flight vehicle. Download
MEC-0423 Dynamic balancingof rotor Download
MEC-0422 Experiment In Laser Cutting Machining In Aluminum Silicon Composite Material Download
MEC-0421 Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Piston by Using Hybrid Metal Matrix Download
MEC-0420 Failure Analysis and optimization of Planner machine horizontal Mechanism Download
MEC-0419 Fatigue analysis of aluminum alloy wheel under radial load Download
MEC-0418 FEM analysis of dynamic flexural behavior of composites and wichbeams with foamcore Download
MEC-0417 Finite element analysis and natural frequency optimization of enginebracket Download
MEC-0416 Finite element analysis and optimization of piston using CAEtools Download
MEC-0415 Finite Element Analysisof BusBody Structure Download
MEC-0414 Finite Element Analysis of connecting rodusing material and structural parametric condition Download
MEC-0413 Finite Element Analysis of Knuckle Joint Pin Download
MEC-0412 Finite element analysis of normal and vented disc brake rotor Download
MEC-0411 Finite Element Analysis of Nozzle for Vertical Pressure Vessel Download
MEC-0410 Finite element analysis of optimized compound cylinder Download
MEC-0409 Finite Element Analysisof spur gear by varying material Download
MEC-0408 Finite element analysis of the classic bicycle wheel Download
MEC-0407 Force Analysis of MetalSheet in Bending Operationon Sheet Bending Machine Download
MEC-0406 Heat Insulation Analysisof an Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Download
MEC-0405 Impact Analysis on Front Sub Frame System Using Composite Material Download
MEC-0404 Increasing the operating life of two wheeler suspension using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0403 Material and shape optimization of crane hook using FEA Download
MEC-0402 Material optimization analysis of leaf spring using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0401 Modeling & Analysis ofLeaf spring under dynamic load condition for Tatasumo Download
MEC-0400 Modeling & Analysis of Motorized ScrewJack Download
MEC-0399 Modeling &Analysis of Suspension Steering System Download
MEC-0398 Modeling & Analysis Solar Assisted AirDryer Download
MEC-0397 Modeling & Structural Analysis of Piston by using Mg-Sic Download
MEC-0396 Modeling & structural analysis of rear axle casing of tractor Download
MEC-0395 Modeling and analysis ofa motorcyclewheel rim Download
MEC-0394 Modeling and analysis of automobile chassisbrackets Download
MEC-0393 Modeling and analysis of bicycle frame Download
MEC-0392 Modeling and Analysis of drumbrake Download
MEC-0391 Modeling and Analysis of Screw Engine Download
MEC-0390 Modeling and Analysis of WaterTank Stand Download
MEC-0389 Modeling and simulation of single arm robot Download
MEC-0388 Modeling and squeal analysis of brake disc rotor using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0387 Modeling andStress Analysisof Composite Materialfor Spur Gear under Static Loading Condition Download
MEC-0386 Modeling and structural analysis on flight wing by using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0385 Modeling,Analysis of Tri Axial Tipper(differentangle) Download
MEC-0384 Multipurpose Agricultural Machinery Dynamic Analysis for Shaft Download
MEC-0383 Performance of FEA Analysis and Comparison between Bonded,Riveted & Hybrid Joint Download
MEC-0382 Productivity Improvement by automatic lifting Download
MEC-0381 Redesign of bead extruder head assembly(Analysis) Download
MEC-0380 Selection and analysis of the landing gear for unmanned aerial vehicle for SAEaerodesign series Download
MEC-0379 Single Acting Piston Pump Using Oscillating Motion Download
MEC-0378 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Composite Rotor Blade Download
MEC-0377 Static and dynamic analysis of spurgear using different non-metallic materials Download
MEC-0376 Static and vibration analysis of shock absorber Download
MEC-0375 Static and Vibration Analyzing Shock Absorber Power Generation Using Piezo Electric Download
MEC-0374 Stress analysis of mechanisms fortrolley-cum-wheelchair Download
MEC-0373 Stress analysis of seatback rest of car Download
MEC-0372 Stress Analysis of WashingMachine Drum Download
MEC-0371 Structural analysis of anexhaust manifold of a multi cylinder engine Download
MEC-0370 Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame and Design Modification for Weight Reduction. Download
MEC-0369 Structural Analysis of Car alloy wheel using Aluminum and magnesium Alloys Download
MEC-0368 Structural analysis of heavy vehicle chassis using honeycomb structure Download
MEC-0367 Structural Analysis ofLeaf Spring Using Composite Material Download
MEC-0366 Structural Analysis of Rivet Joint Download
MEC-0365 StructuralAnalysis of Steering Yokeofan Automobile Download
MEC-0364 Structural and Material optimization of householdchairs using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0363 Structural and Thermal analysis of DiskBrake rotor disk Download
MEC-0362 Studies on Friction Stir Welding AA2024&AA6061 Download
MEC-0361 Study and analysis of aircraft fuse lage bodystructure by using composite material Download
MEC-0360 Study of wear behavior of aluminum based composite fabricated by stir casting technique Download
MEC-0359 Thermal&Static Analysis onIc Engine Piston Using FEA Download
MEC-0358 Thermal Analysis on Composite Materials Download
MEC-0357 Transient analysis of disk brake by using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0356 Tribological analysis onDisc Brake Pad Download
MEC-0355 Vertical material handling system Download
MEC-0354 Vibration analysis of engine mounting bracket Download
MEC-0353 Vibration analysis of leafspring Download
MEC-0352 Vibration and Crash Analysis of CarBody Using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0351 Wearrate analysis of Nanocoated cutting tools Download
MEC-0350 Weight Reduction and Analysis of Trolley Axle Using Software Download


MEC-0349 3D thermal analysis of liquid propellant rocket with bell nozzle Download
MEC-0348 Analysis of Heat Pipe for face mill cutter Download
MEC-0347 Analysis of Nano fluid in Heat Exchanger Download
MEC-0346 Analysis of Square and Circular Perforated FinArrays by Forced Convection. Download
MEC-0345 Calculating heat transferrate of cylinder finbody by varying geometry and material Download
MEC-0344 Design & Analysis ofFins with Various Configurations Download
MEC-0343 Enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with boron nitride particles Download
MEC-0342 Evaluation of Heat Transfer Rate and Their Effects in Spherical Pressure Vessels Subjected to Internal Pressure Download
MEC-0341 Heat Insulation Analysis of an Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Download
MEC-0340 Steady-state thermal stress analysis of gearbox casing by finite element method Download
MEC-0339 Thermal analysis Al 6063 and Sic with various compositions Download
MEC-0338 Thermal Analysis of Al6063 &Sic with various compositions Download
MEC-0337 Thermal analysis ofan exhaust manifold of a multicylinder engine Download
MEC-0336 Thermal analysis of composite piston Download
MEC-0335 Thermal analysis of cylinder headgasket Download
MEC-0334 Thermal analysis of DiskBrake rotordisk Download
MEC-0333 Thermal analysis of heatpipe and its applications Download
MEC-0332 Thermal analysis of Manganese Bakelite composites Download
MEC-0331 Thermal analysis of steam turbine Download
MEC-0330 Thermal and structural analysis of vented and normal disc brake rotors Download


MEC-0329 Aerodynamic flowcontrol studies ofa wall jet using TripleDeck Theory(TDT) Download
MEC-0328 Aerodynamics design for cars Download
MEC-0327 Aerodynamics of the New concept & Helps in Reducing the Design Cycle Download
MEC-0326 Analysis of buffeting of aircraft wing using FEM Download
MEC-0325 Analysis of Impeller using Aluminum Composite (CFD) Download
MEC-0324 Analysis Of Thermal Distribution In Radiator Using CFD Download
MEC-0323 CFD Analysis for aMini Heat Exchanger Download
MEC-0322 CFD Analysis for Centrifuge Casting Download
MEC-0321 CFD Analysis for Circular 3DNozzle Download
MEC-0320 CFD Analysis for flow through Chimney Download
MEC-0319 CFD Analysis for Intakeand Exhaust Manifold. Download
MEC-0318 CFD Analysis for Nozzle with Grooves Design & Analysis of Pressure Vessels as perASMEFEA Download
MEC-0317 CFD Analysis for Silencer with different shapes of Perforations Download
MEC-0316 CFD Analysis for T-Joint Download
MEC-0315 CFD analysis of a Helicalbaffled Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Download
MEC-0314 CFD analysis of aerodynamic drags reduction and improves fuel economy Download
MEC-0313 CFD analysis of aerodynamics drags reduction and improves fuel economy Download
MEC-0312 CFD Analysis of aerofoilin a singleseat car Download
MEC-0311 CFD analysis of airfoil.Iterate for different angle of attack.Investigate multielement designs. Download
MEC-0310 CFD analysis of an RC aircraft wing Download
MEC-0309 CFD Analysis of Automobile Radiator Download
MEC-0308 CFD Analysis of Cooling from Exhaust Using Vortex Tube Download
MEC-0307 CFD Analysis of Enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using permeable fins(Natural Convection) Download
MEC-0306 CFD Analysis Of Fin With Hole And Without hole Download
MEC-0305 CFD Analysis of Flow through Venture of a Carburetor Download
MEC-0304 CFD Analysis of Modified Vortex Tube Refrigeration in Automobiles Download
MEC-0303 CFD Analysis of PowerPlant Vent Silencer Download
MEC-0302 CFD analysis of rocket nozzle Download
MEC-0301 CFD Analysis of ScrewShaft Engine Download
MEC-0300 CFD design study of a circulation control inlet guide vane of anaerofoil Download
MEC-0299 CFD on different passages over a plate coil evaporator for 40liters to rage type watercooler Download
MEC-0298 CFD Optimization of Compressor blade foraxial spacing Download
MEC-0297 CFD Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Using SOFTWARE Download
MEC-0296 CFD simulation of injection mixer for CNG engines Download
MEC-0295 CFD Simulations to Examine Natural Ventilation of a classroom in a building Download
MEC-0294 CFD studies on flowover wing with and without de-icing Download
MEC-0293 Computational analysis for heat transfe rthrough fins with different types of notches Download
MEC-0292 Computational analysis of Catalytic converter-CFD Download
MEC-0291 Computational analysis of centrifugal compressor with grooves on casing Download
MEC-0290 Computational analysis of intake manifold design of diesel engineforlight commercial vehicle. Download
MEC-0289 Computational analysis of intake manifold in Diesel engine CFD Download
MEC-0288 Computational fluid dynamics(CFD)analysis of intermediate pressure steam turbine Download
MEC-0287 Computational fluid dynamics approach for prediction of cyclone separator pressure drop Download
MEC-0286 Computational study of turbofan inlets Download
MEC-0285 Conceptual design for two seaters in gleengine airplane Download
MEC-0284 Design & Analysis of Aero spike nozzle for an air augmented rocket engine Download
MEC-0283 Design & CFD Analysis of Modified Screw Engine Download
MEC-0282 Design & CFD simulation of Axial Flowcompressor Download
MEC-0281 Design & CFD simulation of Ramjet Download
MEC-0280 Design & CFD simulation of Scramjet Engine. Download
MEC-0279 Design & CFD simulation of wind tunnel Download
MEC-0278 Design and Analysis Of A Ceramic Heat-Exchanger Using Cfd Simulations Download
MEC-0277 Design and analysis of a high thrust parabolic nozzle using method of characteristics and CFD Download
MEC-0276 Design And Analysis of Aerospike Nozzle For Air Augmented Rocket Download
MEC-0275 Design and analysis of oscillating ball throwing machine Download
MEC-0274 Design and analysis of scramjet combustion chamber Download
MEC-0273 Design and development of one kgunmanned aerial vehicle Download
MEC-0272 Design of a high performance swept wing using CFD Download
MEC-0271 Design of a jet powered UAV Download
MEC-0270 Design of crossflow injection system to enhance mixingin a supersonicflow Download
MEC-0269 Design of helmet for bicycle racer for minimum drag using CFD simulation.Just start with 2D simulations.Will be difficult to code for 3D Download
MEC-0268 Design Optimization (CFD)of AircraftWings Download
MEC-0267 Drag reduction of an aircraft after body using passive devices Experimental and numerical studies Download
MEC-0266 Effect of twisted-tape inserts on heattransfer in a tube Download
MEC-0265 Effects of leading edge blowing on transonic flowover open cavity Download
MEC-0264 Experimental evaluation of a MAVwing using subsonic wind tunnel Download
MEC-0263 Experimental Investigation of FlowMal distribution in Microchannels Download
MEC-0262 Experimental studies on mixingin concurrent cold jets Download
MEC-0261 FEA Structural analysis of a highperformance wing Download
MEC-0260 Flow analysis through acar bodyto estimate the drag characteristics by using CFD Download
MEC-0259 Flow Simulationon NoseconeRe-entryvehicle-CFD Download
MEC-0258 Fluid flow and temperaturedistribution in radiators use in automobiles Download
MEC-0257 Fluid structure interaction studied at wingbody junction Download
MEC-0256 Investigation on the effect of splitter plates to enhance characteristics of flow around cylinder Download
MEC-0255 LoadEstimation of aHelicopterblade usingCFD Download
MEC-0254 Measuring Lift&Drag Forces for a Flow Over Formula1CarsRear Wing Download
MEC-0253 Modeling and analysis of car wash on thego Download
MEC-0252 Modeling, Animation & CFD Analysis of wash on the go Download
MEC-0251 Nodal analysis of a control surface using FEM Download
MEC-0250 Numerical evaluation offlow over blunt bodywith mass addition in a hypersonic flow Download
MEC-0249 Numerical optimization of airfoils for a high performance low speed aircraft Download
MEC-0248 Performance Analysis of Centrifugal Impeller of Various Designs and Validation of Results by CFD Download
MEC-0247 Performance Evaluation Of Heat-Sink With Pin-Fins Of Varying Configurations Using Cfd Simulations Download
MEC-0246 Predicting performance of radial flow type impeller of centrifugal pump using CFD Download
MEC-0245 Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Design Using CFD Tools Download
MEC-0244 Shock boundary layer interaction studies using CFD Download
MEC-0243 To conduct the performance on chiller unit by using Nanofluid cooled condenser Download
MEC-0242 Understanding the flow physics of Cascade blades Download
MEC-0241 Using Lumped vortex element(LVM) method to predict the aerodynamic performance of anaerofoil Download
MEC-0240 Winglet Design validation- CFD Download


MEC-0239 Productivity improvement by Turn Table drilling special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0238 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Slotting Special Purpos eMachine Download
MEC-0237 Productivity improvement by Vertical Punching Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0236 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Milling Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0235 Productivity improvement by Automatic Holding Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0234 Productivity improvement by Robotic clamping method Download
MEC-0233 Productivity improvement by Vertical Milling Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0232 Productivity improvement by Heavy loaded Component Automatic Clamp Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0231 Productivity improvement by automatic inspection machine Download
MEC-0230 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Clearance Checking Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0229 Productivity improvement by automatic cutting machine Download
MEC-0228 Productivity improvement by Vertical Clearance Checking Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0227 Productivity improvement by mistake proof method Download
MEC-0226 Productivity improvement by automatic lifting Download
MEC-0225 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Drilling Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0224 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Turning Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0223 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Punching Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0222 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Turning Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0221 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Punching Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0220 Productivity improvement by Horizontal Reaming Special PurposeMachine Download
MEC-0219 Productivity improvement by Automatic threading machine Download
MEC-0218 Productivity improvement by automatic component forming machine Download
MEC-0217 Productivity improvement by pool proof method Download
MEC-0216 Productivity improvement by Precision Component Automatic Clamp Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0215 Productivity improvement by Vertical Drilling Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0214 Productivity improvement by automatic conveyor Download
MEC-0213 Productivity improvement by Vertical Turning Special PurposeMachine Download
MEC-0212 Productivity improvement by Number Stamping Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0211 Productivity improvement by Vertical Reaming Special Purpose Machine Download
MEC-0210 Productivity improvement by Automatic Grinding machine Download
MEC-0209 Powerful tool to improve productivity Download
MEC-0208 Productivity improvement by automatic weight QC machine Download


MEC-0207 Design of Hybrid AirEngine Download
MEC-0206 Design & Animation of Wind Mill with Diffuser Chamber & Tail Download
MEC-0205 Design & Animation of Tilting Three Wheeler with a Hybrid System Download
MEC-0204 Design & Animation of Step Climber with Leveling Unit Download
MEC-0203 Design & Animation for Multi-Purpose Agro machine Download
MEC-0202 Design and animation of Solar Water Purifier Using Thermal Method Parabolic Disc Type Download
MEC-0201 Design & Animation of Joystick Controlled Car Mechanism for Physically Handicapped Person Download
MEC-0200 Design of Pumped Storage Micro Hydro Power Plant Download
MEC-0199 Design & Animation of Auto Pneumatic Disc Breaking System Download
MEC-0198 Design & Animation of Electro Magnetic Suspension Download
MEC-0197 Design & Animation of Button Operated ElectroMagnetic Gear Shifting Systemf or TwoW heeler Download
MEC-0196 Design & Animation of Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaping M/C Download
MEC-0195 Design & Animation of Compressed Air Engine Download
MEC-0194 Design & Animation of rubber tapping machine Download
MEC-0193 Design & Animation of Assistive Limb technology For Physically. Challenged People Download
MEC-0192 Design & Animation of Railway Accident Avoiding System (LevelCrosier&FireAlarm) Download
MEC-0191 Design & Animation of Remote Controlled Bomb Detecting Robert Download
MEC-0190 Design & Animation of SolarAir Coolercum Heater Download
MEC-0189 Design & Animation of Pendulum Based Water Pumping System Download
MEC-0188 Design & Animation of Hybrid Two Wheeler Download
MEC-0187 Design and animation of multipurpose liver operated handicapped wheel chair Download
MEC-0186 Design and animation of four In 1 AirConditioner Download
MEC-0185 Design and animation of Power Generation from Staircase Using Rack & Pinion mechanism Download
MEC-0184 Design & Animation of Refrigeration Using Exhaust Heatfrom Engine Download
MEC-0183 Design & Animation of ElectroMagnetic Engine Download
MEC-0182 Modeling animation of self-balancing vehicle Download
MEC-0181 Modeling animation of Violent elephant controlling mechanism Download
MEC-0180 Modeling animation of Cricket ball shooter for armatures Download
MEC-0179 Modeling animation of Flapping wing uav bionicbird model Download
MEC-0178 Modeling animation of Smart blind stick wheel base Download
MEC-0177 Modeling animation of Calendar machine Download
MEC-0176 Design & Animation of 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper Download
MEC-0175 Modeling animation of coin separator Download
MEC-0174 Modeling animation of Coconut tree climbing robot Download
MEC-0173 Modeling animation of Multipurpose pneumatic crushing machine Download
MEC-0172 Modeling animation of biomass Gasifier with power generation Download
MEC-0171 Modeling animation of Dualside water pumping system by using scotchyoke mechanism Download
MEC-0170 Modeling animation of a low cost surface finishing machine Download
MEC-0169 Modeling animation of Airborne wind turbine energy system Download
MEC-0168 Modeling animation of Pneumatic brick handling machine Download
MEC-0167 Modeling animation of Fruit ripening for farmers Download
MEC-0166 Modeling animation of Scale removal device for bore well piper andhoses Download
MEC-0165 Modeling animation of Stroke therapy chair Download
MEC-0164 Modeling animation of Coconut grater and milk extraction machine Download
MEC-0163 Modeling animation of Tiltandrollbed Download
MEC-0162 Modeling animation ofPneumatic automatic gear changer Download
MEC-0161 Modeling animation of Gradopter-hovercraft Download
MEC-0160 Modeling animation of standing wheel chair Download
MEC-0159 Modeling animation of Swing electricity generation system Download
MEC-0158 Modeling animation of Stewarts platform Download
MEC-0157 Modeling animation of rotating vice in milling machine Download
MEC-0156 Modeling animation of Brickhandling machine Download
MEC-0155 Design & Animation of Petrol Engine with Water Injection Download
MEC-0154 Design for Sterling Engine Download
MEC-0153 Design & Animation of WaterFuel Engine with Power Generation Download
MEC-0152 Design & Animation of Duel Power Generation System for Automobile Download
MEC-0151 Design & Animation of Foot Step Power Generation Download
MEC-0150 Animation of vehicle safetysystem under driverfatigue Download
MEC-0149 Animation of WaterFuelEngine(Petrol&Hydrogen) Download
MEC-0148 Design & Animation of Three Axis Modern Trailer(Pneumatic) Download
MEC-0147 Modeling & Animation of Compressed air vehicle Download
MEC-0146 Modeling & Animation of 3-Axis Modern Pneumatic Trailer Download
MEC-0145 Modeling & Animation of Square Hole Drilling Machine Download
MEC-0144 Modeling & Animation of Six Axis Material Handling System Download
MEC-0143 Modeling & Animation of Hub less cycle Download
MEC-0142 Modeling & Animation of UnderWater Robot Download
MEC-0141 Modeling & Animation of Performance Analysis in flat finned automatic radiator using Nano fluid Download
MEC-0140 Modeling & Animation of High Performance Vehicle Download
MEC-0139 Modeling & Animation of Low Cost Sugarcane Harvester Download
MEC-0138 Modeling & Animation of ElectroMagnetic Gear Transmission for two wheeler Download
MEC-0137 Modeling & Animation of Wind and Solar Energy Vehicle Download
MEC-0136 Modeling & Animation of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant Download
MEC-0135 Design & Animation of firefighting robot Download
MEC-0134 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Injection Molding Machine Download
MEC-0133 Modeling & Animation of Chain Hooks Separator & Pressing machine Download
MEC-0132 Modeling & Animation of Tamble cycle using renewable & regeneration of electricity cyce Download
MEC-0131 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Classroom Board Cleaner Download
MEC-0130 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Pneumatic Emergency Exit Download
MEC-0129 Modeling & Animation of Bicycle Powered Refrigerator Download
MEC-0128 Modeling & Animation of Generation of Electricity from Ocean Waves using Rack & Pinion Mechanism Download
MEC-0127 Animation of Pneumatic Powered Bicycle Download
MEC-0126 Animation of Salt water converted into purified drinking water by using Pedal power Download
MEC-0125 Modeling & Animation of Pedal / Motor Operated Paddy Thresher Download
MEC-0124 Modeling & Animation of Score Stove Download
MEC-0123 Modeling & Animation of Pedal Operated Vertical Hacksaw Machine Download
MEC-0122 Modeling & Animation of Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler Download
MEC-0121 Modeling & Animation of Refrigeration using free energy motor Download
MEC-0120 Modeling & Animation of Osmotic Power Plant Download
MEC-0119 Modeling & Animation of Electro-Hydraulic composite Brake System Download
MEC-0118 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Hydraulic Lifting of Four Wheeler Download
MEC-0117 Modeling & Animation of Automated Gear Transmission for Two Wheeler Download
MEC-0116 Modeling & Animation of Green power using wind solar & water Download
MEC-0115 Modeling & Animation of WaterCooler cum AirConditioner Download
MEC-0114 Modeling & Animation of Pedal Powered Water Pump Download
MEC-0113 Modeling and Animation Portable smoke exhaust system Download
MEC-0112 Modeling & Animation of Coconut Dehiscing Machine Download
MEC-0111 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Tirepressure Inflation System Download
MEC-0110 Modeling & Animation of KERS in bicycle Download
MEC-0109 Model & Animation of Spiral Punching machine using cam Shaft Download
MEC-0108 Modeling & Animation of Anti-lock Braking System Download
MEC-0107 Model & Animation of Pneumatic Multi Axis WeldingMachine Download
MEC-0106 Model & Animation of Gear Cutting Attachment for Lathe Download
MEC-0105 Modeling & Animation of Arecanut Climbing and Cutting Machine Download
MEC-0104 Model & Animation Automatic openwell cleaning machine Download
MEC-0103 Design and animation of Pneumatic belt conveyor Download
MEC-0102 Design and animation of hydraulic vice Download
MEC-0101 Design and animation of automatic guided vehicle Download
MEC-0100 Design and animation of Bio-Diesel Extraction from Waste Plastic Material Download
MEC-0099 Modeling & Animation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Download
MEC-0098 Modeling animation of double acting hacksaw using scotch yack mechanism Download
MEC-0097 Modeling animation of solar power aircraft Download
MEC-0096 Modeling animation of the ojanson mechanism Download
MEC-0095 Modeling animation of automatic bedcum wheel chair and report Download
MEC-0094 Modeling animation of slow speed retraction hump Download
MEC-0093 Modeling animation of friction testing machine Download
MEC-0092 Modeling animation of automated petfeeder Download
MEC-0091 Modeling analysis of foldable helmet and casing Download
MEC-0090 Modeling animation ofpepper thresher machine Download
MEC-0089 Modeling animation of electrode flux remover Download
MEC-0088 Modeling animation of Waste oil burning power generation system report Download
MEC-0087 Modeling animation of Automatic tool retrieval system Download
MEC-0086 Modeling animation of Energy harvesting shockabsorber using mechanical motion rectifier Download
MEC-0085 Modeling animation of automated hybrid drilling machine Download
MEC-0084 Modeling animation of Automatic pneumatic vice & jackwith drilling operation Download
MEC-0083 Modeling animation of semi-automatic plant trimmer Download
MEC-0082 Modeling animation of Solar operated automatic seed sowing machine Download
MEC-0081 Modeling animation of Drainage cleaning machine Download
MEC-0080 Modeling animation of Semi-automated stairclimbing wheelchair Download
MEC-0079 Modeling animation of Worm & worm gear forva-8 actuated control valve Download
MEC-0078 Design & Animation of Differential Locking System Download
MEC-0077 Design & Animation of Highway Wind Turbine Download
MEC-0076 Design & Animation of Belt Drive with A Clamping System Download
MEC-0075 Design & Animation of Four Wheel Steering Mechanism Link and Liver Mechanism Download
MEC-0074 Modeling & Animation of Solar Powered Pesticide Spraying Machine Download
MEC-0073 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Tree Climbing Machine Download
MEC-0072 Design & Animation of Multiengine(Triangular) air compressor Download
MEC-0071 Modeling & Animation of Cycle with Propeller Shaft Download
MEC-0070 Design & Animation of Multi-functional Windmill Download
MEC-0069 Design & Animation of Multi Nut Tighter Cum Loosened Download
MEC-0068 Modeling & Animation of Solar Refrigeration System (TEG) Download
MEC-0067 Modeling and Animation of Coconut Tree Climbing Machine Download
MEC-0066 Modeling and Animation of Child Retrieval Machine Download
MEC-0065 Modeling & Animation of Thermo Electric Cooling Jacket Download
MEC-0064 Modeling & Animation of Quad Processing Machine Download
MEC-0063 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Spray Painting Machine Download
MEC-0062 Modeling & Animation of HighwayWind Turbine Download
MEC-0061 Modeling & Animation of Remote Controlled oil Skimmer Robot for Marine Application Download
MEC-0060 Modeling & Animation of Turbocharger with ZeroTurbo Lag Download
MEC-0059 Modeling & Animation of Intelligent Braking System Download
MEC-0058 Modeling & Animation of Friction Stir Welding Machine Download
MEC-0057 Modeling & Animation of Diesel Automatic Two Wheeler Download
MEC-0056 Modeling & Animation of ElectroMagnetic Braking System Download
MEC-0055 Modeling & Animation of Gingerfeeding & Cutting Download
MEC-0054 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Pneumatic Stamping Equipment Download
MEC-0053 Modeling & Animation of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine Download
MEC-0052 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Tricycle with Modification Download
MEC-0051 Modeling & Animation of Mono-WheelBike Download
MEC-0050 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Core Dipping Process Using Robot Download
MEC-0049 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Sheetmetal cutter by pneumatic actuator Download
MEC-0048 Modeling animation of Automatic portable groundnut planting machine Download
MEC-0047 Design of radiation finned bonnet fixture Download
MEC-0046 Modeling animation of Modified crashguard Download
MEC-0045 Modeling animation of Self-propelled cutter suction dredger with bow thruster Download
MEC-0044 Modeling animation of Laterite stone cutting & shaping machine Download
MEC-0043 Modeling animation of Plastic recycling machine Download
MEC-0042 Modeling animation of Automatic dish washdryer Download
MEC-0041 Modeling animation of Segway bike Download
MEC-0040 Rotary smart car parking system Download
MEC-0039 Aeroplane controlling system Download
MEC-0038 Modeling animation of Floating wind turbine Download
MEC-0037 Modeling animation of Desiccant wheel refrigeration system Download
MEC-0036 Modeling animation of Tree climbing machine Download
MEC-0035 Modeling animation of Electric scooter powered by wind & Piezoelectric solar power Download
MEC-0034 Modeling animation of Automobile clutch for four wheeler Download
MEC-0033 Modeling animation of Smart bike Download
MEC-0032 Modeling animation of Exo-skeleton Download
MEC-0031 Modeling animation of Four wheel steering mechanism &90 degree turning Download
MEC-0030 Modeling animation of Swivel seat Download
MEC-0029 Modeling animation of banana fiber extracting machine Download
MEC-0028 Modeling animation of Integrated automatic jacks for four wheeler Download
MEC-0027 Modeling animation of Automatic citrus fruit juicer Download
MEC-0026 Modeling animation of Dual axis solarpower tracking Download
MEC-0025 Modeling animation of Solar hover bike Download
MEC-0024 Modeling animation of Solar powered tealeaf cutting machine Download
MEC-0023 Modeling animation of Development of two wheel drive motor cycle chair Download
MEC-0022 Modeling animation of non-connectional door based power generation system Download
MEC-0021 Modeling animation of Coconut Dehusking machine Download
MEC-0020 Modeling animation of Dual hacksaw with scotch mechanism Download
MEC-0019 Modeling animation of coin sorting machine Download
MEC-0018 Modeling animation of Manual powered car Download
MEC-0017 Modeling animation of bananafiber extracting machine Download
MEC-0016 Modeling animation of solar operated grass cutting machine Download
MEC-0015 Modeling animation of pedal dish washing machine Download
MEC-0014 Modeling animation of Pneumatic conveyor Download
MEC-0013 Modeling animation of Hill station breaking system Download
MEC-0012 Modeling animation of mechanical spider Download
MEC-0011 Modeling animation of Pedal operated drilling machine Download
MEC-0010 Modeling animation of waste oil burring system with power generation Download
MEC-0009 Modeling animation of Automatic idlybatter filling mechanism Download
MEC-0008 Modeling animation of Heat transfer enhancement of spray cooling using finsn Download
MEC-0007 Modeling animation of Disaster escaping module Download
MEC-0006 Modeling animation of Variable volume engine-auto clutch Squid jet propulsion Download
MEC-0005 Modeling animation of Automatic steering control system for automobile Treadmill bicycle Download
MEC-0004 Modeling animation of pedal powered washing machine Download
MEC-0003 Modeling animation of three in on eairconditioner Download
MEC-0002 Modeling animation of reusable sand power generation Download
MEC-0001 Modeling animation of Automatic helmet locking system Download


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